Lifestyle Coach – Become the Best YOU!

Amber Eagle is a fresh & fun Lifestyle Coach ready to help you become the most optimal version of yourself!

Bursting with positivity and grace, Amber will show you how to shine light into your life. Every day is amazing – You simply have to learn how to see it.

When the world gets you down, SOAR ABOVE!
“Amber’s big heart shows in all that she does. She approaches problems with equanimity and a eagerness to simplify the complex. Amber is fun, insightful, and empowering.”
— Parker M.
“Amber is a rockstar - Super glad to get to work with her. I haven’t encountered anyone who has had a better temperament, and each day she brings a fresh perspective that becomes infectious.”
— Ryan V.

The package

6 or 12 month packages options

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings

  • 1:1 super pro coaching

  • Wellness assessment

  • Step-by-step guide to become your best self

  • In-person and virtual options

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I’m thrilled to be your Lifestyle Coach! Let’s transform your every day & help you become your best self!


“Amber is an absolute all-star. What's most impressive is her ability to guide me through stressful situations, giving me simple steps to reach my goals and ease my mind. Amber is a huge asset to my life.” - Meghan T